Ссылкомат #18: Что почитать

Сегодня немного печальный выпуск.

  1. What We Get Wrong About Technology by Tim Harvord. Почему будущее всегда представляют каким-то несуразным. Например, в фильме Blade Runner с одной стороны – неотличимые от живых людей андроиды, с другой – платный уличный таксофон.

    First, the most influential new technologies are often humble and cheap. Mere affordability often counts for more than the beguiling complexity of an organic robot such as Rachael. Second, new inventions do not appear in isolation, as Rachael and her fellow androids did. Instead, as we struggle to use them to their best advantage, they profoundly reshape the societies around us.

  2. Build a Better Monster by Maciej Cegłowski. Как мы оказались в условиях шпионского капитализма и что с этим делать.

    We need a code of ethics for our industry, to guide our use of machine learning, and its acceptable use on human beings. Other professions all have a code of ethics. Librarians are taught to hold patron privacy, doctors pledge to “first, do no harm”. Lawyers, for all the bad jokes about them, are officers of the court and hold themselves to high ethical standards. Meanwhile, the closest we’ve come to a code of ethics is “move fast and break things”. And look how well that worked.

  3. Sick of Myself: Algorithmic identity is a means of control and consolation by Rob Horning. Как жизнь в современном информационном обществе может противоречить аутентичности и вообще ощущению «я».

    We are perpetually “unable to measure up” — we must, like any other capitalist firm, demonstrate an ability to maintain growth or become obsolete. The neoliberal demand that we convert our lives into capital and grow it systematically seizes on the ideal of self-expression and strips it of its dignity and allure. But being nobody isn’t yet much of an alternative.